Should Tree Branches Hang Over Your Roof?

tree removal woodendHaving some trees in your yard has a lot of great benefits. But when the branches hang low or reaching your roofline, they can become hazardous to you and your property. When you notice your tree’s branches are extending to your roof, then you have to remove them right away.

Tree branches reaching your roof can be dangerous to you and your home. This can cause mould and the falling leaves may clog the roof gutter. Long tree branches also present danger during a storm where the limbs may fall down the roof. And on a windy day, it may damage or scrape against the part of the house that is touching.

It is also important to consider the possible hazards of the tree as it continually grows. It may pose danger to the people around and to the nearby property. In some cases, the tree branches from the neighbour may overextend to your property area. When this happens you have the right to cut the branches that extend to your property. However, you may want to talk to your neighbour first before you take it out to avoid problems with them.

Should you cut the tree yourself? While hanging branches on your roof present hazard cutting it yourself can cause more damage especially if you do not know the proper way to do it. Even the slightest mistake in trimming have a detrimental effect to the tree so it is better to call an arborist to do the job for you. Once you noticed the tree branches touching your property, do not hesitate to call an arborist for help.